You only “kind of” want it

4 unconscious reasons why musicians fail

Anything worthwhile in life involves risk. There is no person alive or dead who has circumvented this essential truth.

Musicians and artists are some of the biggest risk takers there are. We pursue our passion because we love it despite crushing fears of poverty and rejection.

However, there are musicians that talk a big game about how bad they want it ie. success, but when the time comes to get to work all they have are excuses.

The true obstacle is being able to understand fully what you truly want without all the BS expectations from society and peers.

Excuses are the result of an interaction between what you truly want, the reason why you want it, and your own fears.

So what is it that you want?

Is it fame?

Is it making a full-time income from music you create?

Is it licensing music to blockbuster films?

Is it touring the world with your band?

Is it landing a sweet endorsement deal with Samsung?

Is it having a scotch with Jay-Z in the back room of a private club?

Is it recording a track with an artist you idolize?

Your life is trying to tell you something about what you want.

What is it that you want? I’m not going to try and tell you. You have to figure out that for yourself, but I’m going to tell you right now the 4 reasons why you’ll fail. The worst part is that you are doing these things and not even realizing them.

They are unconscious.

1. Choosing comfort and security over long term growth

Homeostasis. The desire of the human machine to constantly stay in the same state. Even for the most impoverished musician (I’ve been there, dropping to 127 lbs because I was broke), we all have a certain kind of lifestyle to protect.

I’m talking about non-life sustaining things. You know what they are.

But it takes a bigger man/woman to step outside, awaken to the possibilities, and invest in long term goal-oriented growth.

2. Demonizing failure

Our society has taught you that failure is not an option. What it really should say is “quitting” is not an option.

Failure is an excellent teacher and you are in class for your passion. Act appropriately.

3. Procrastination

You procrastinate because you know you need to do something but you don’t want to.

It’s a combination of fear and laziness. Identify which one it is and make a decision to do it now.

Sorry, but that’s the only cure. No mind games. Just getting it over with by getting over yourself.

4. An unwillingness to sacrifice

You can’t have it all. Sorry.

Know what you want first, and keep in your life only the things that complement what you want for yourself.

Get rid of all the BS, tech gadgets, nights out, cable TV, and -I know it sounds brutal- but the people in your life that aren't worth the time…they need to go too.

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