Abbreviations and Acronyms to use in O.E.T

We can only use the abbreviations only if they are mentioned in the text as these are quite long and can’t be used in the passage as well as in the answer sheets. Seek Academy helps the professionals to attain that level of training by providing the best OET coaching in Delhi.

Yes we can use the abbreviations

Which are acceptable in this test and are evidently understood and practiced in the written and verbal communication throughout such as BP for blood pressure and there are much more which are subject- specific which can be avoided so that wherever it is not commonly used can be ignored. OET Assessors are trained to understand and recognize the specific abbreviations which can be incorporated in the writing part but it does not refer to any specific dictionary or a list.

O.E.T Training in Delhi

Carrying the explanation further we could say that in OET examination the abbreviations which are quite familiar and common to the assessor that means on generalized subjects not specific could be used. Seek Academy provides OET training in Delhi to the students by focusing the result oriented sessions and guidance to the students throughout the training module. While writing the writing sub test we must be aware that who is going to be our reader, whether it is a health professional or a general person unaware of the medical terms usually.

Your writing subtest would be assessed considering the appropriacy of the language and that would be considered as the prime criteria. While writing for the health professional gives you the freedom to concentrate on the abbreviations those are commonly used in the health profession but if the reader belongs to a non-health background then our language in terms of abbreviations also would not be the same. Only those abbreviations would be allowed which can be understood by the layman also.

AS it is quite evident that oet does not follow any dictionary so we take extreme care while following the abbreviations as it could make our score goes less. These days generally standardized abbreviations are used but we must take care of the difference between the general terms and the specific terms used in the medical profession. Nowadays generally standardized abbreviations are used and the abbreviations in Australia and UK could be quite different. So abbreviations must be reviewed accordingly and must be checked thoroughly before applying them.

Being aware of the current terms used in the medical field would ensure your good grades in the exams.

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