Employee Engagement Strategies: SEEK HR

Andrew Carnegie once said, “You must capture and keep the heart of the original and supremely able man before his brain can do its best.”

Although Carnegie wasn’t explicitly talking about Employee Engagement, this quote perfectly illustrates how vital it is to engage your employees so they will be happier and perform to the best of their abilities.

In this Article by Jaspreet Kaur (Writer) you will be reading the benefits and measures to boost employee engagement in your organization.

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment of the employees with their organization and organizational goals.

Employee Engagement: SeekHRSolutions

Engaged employees exert positive efforts, work beyond the performance standards set, have a sense of belonging with the organization.

For an Employee it is his/her active participation, passion, enthusiasm towards their work and the organization.

For an Employer the task is to engage or involve their employees/work force in the tasks, job, functions, and operations of the organization while maintaining the satisfaction bar.

Engaged employees can often be termed as happy or satisfied employees but to enjoy the cons of the same an organization needs to devise strategies for (a) building a healthy workplace (b) Work on the factors which raise the employee engagement score.

Firstly it’s germane to understand the benefits of Employee Engagement.

Why is it Important

Engaged Employees means better results &productivity. When employees are engaged at work, they feel sense of belonging or a connection with the organization. They work harder than what they are asked for as they take it as a responsibility and perform the task with more enthuse and efforts.

· Organizations with high employee engagement have high success rates.

· Less Absenteeism and low employee turnover. Engaged employees are less likely to quit.

· Passionate and enthusiastic workers are more creative.

· For an organization it means efficient, effective and smooth functioning.

· Engaged Employees means Satisfied and Loyal Customers.

· Engaged Employees are positive. Workers who feel connected and engaged are more likely to have positive things to say about your company which leads to good mouth publicity.

How to Boost your Employee Engagement Score

Employee Engagement Strategies

Recognize and reward your employees, this is one way to motivate your employees. Recognize their work, efforts and accomplishments.

Motivate your Employees — Create a workplace environment where the workers feel motivated.

There are several factors which leads to motivation now its your task to identify the ones which lacks and strengthen the prevailing ones.

Open Communication with Employees and Develop Feedback system — Communicate with your employees, just don’t always be a BOSS. Be accessible to your employees. Interact with them related to work, current affairs, interesting or trending topics on Tea break.

Develop a feedback system wherein the employees can share their feedback openly as happy employees are as important as happy customers.

Provide Training and Coaching — An employee feels that the organization is investing in him for his betterment and skills enhancement. It not only improves the employee’s employ ability but also his performance level which goes in favor of the organization.

Involve them in discussions, ask for opinions and ideas — Make them like a part of the team. Ask them for their opinions or suggestions about things, work, decisions, perspective this will give them a feeling that their presence matters. Employees feel valued, trusted and respected.

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