How to increase your vocabulary

Looking tips to increase your vocabulary?? If you are really serious about broadening your vocabulary, you need to regularly learn new words.

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Learning new words are very important as you need words to talk or to write. Words are the basic blocks of any language and also the key predictors of someone’s education level, profession and social status.

Apart from spending time in class to learn new words, you can also look up to the other ways to increase your vocabulary, like watching movies, listening to songs, radio and to podcasts.

Read regularly and from different sources. You can also read books, magazines and blogs. This is how you will find out new and interesting expressions, slangs and synonyms. When you read anything, pay a close attention to the words that you don’t know and keep on highlighting them; then try to look up their meanings and usage. This how your vocabulary will be increased.

You can also keep a dictionary handy to look up for any new words. Also try to look for similar words (synonyms) or opposite words (antonyms).

‘Learn a word a day’…This is an amazing exercise to develop your own list of words. This is a great method many people use to learn new words.

You can try some word games that will help you to look for some new words and new meanings. There are various word games available to improve your vocabulary like crossword puzzles, word jumble, Scrabble and Boggle. These games are excellent to improve your hold on English language. You can also check out some word game websites.

Try to engage in conversations that will help you to discover some new words or phrases. Simply talk to the other person by using newly learnt words; which will also strengthen your vocabulary.

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People learn better when they learn new words from the context. Learn new words from the related context. Learn new words from stories, songs, sentences or daily events as this will clarify the meanings based on the context.

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