How to overcome exam fear?

How to overcome exam fear?

A lot of people feel stressed before exam. Most people feel tense while taking an exam, but as per research some people are more likely to suffer from exam anxiety than others. There could be different reasons for that: Peer Pressure, Negative attitude or lack of preparation etc. The thoughts involved in exam anxiety usually include fear about performance.

1. Be well prepared:

“The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well.”

William Osler

Very well said, if you want to perform well in exams, do not rely on last minute preparation. Instead start preparation early on. Prepare ahead of time by working on parts of the content every day. Else at the end you will have less time and more things to study which will make exam preparation a challenging and stressful task.

2. Do not panic:

Continuously thinking about the past result will result in anxiety. Focus on the performing well in the latest exams. Let your past result not affect you. Let the negative thoughts bypass. Try to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive outcome. Just believe in yourself and study hard.

3. Stay Relaxed:

Relax your body, mind and soul. Make sure to have an uninterrupted sufficient sleep to boost your memory and retain what you have memorized. So just keep calm and study for exams.

4. Study smartly:

“Study hard but smart”

Readers, if you are planning to take any exam make sure to choose smart tricks to learn that works for you.

For example: Follow a time table, learn concepts by making flow charts or diagrams, understanding the content etc.

5. Do not cram:

Students believe me, if you are the one who is not good at cramming then do not consider yourself unlucky. Try to understand the concepts to make the learning process more convenient. In the long run, cramming is not the best way to go about it.When you cram, the information is stored in short-term memory and information stored there doesn’t stay there long which might not get you desired results.

6. Eat healthy:

Healthy body = Healthy mind

Balanced diet plays a critical role in a student’s life. For our body to function properly we should consume healthy diet. Skipping meals can make you shot tempered and irritable. Ensure to include nutritive food products in your diet like milk, green vegetables, fruits and peanut butter etc.

7. Peer Pressure:

Everybody is unique; do not compare yourself with your friends and classmates. Many students get stressed out when they compare their progress and level of preparation with that of their friends. Do not let others demotivate you.

Above mentioned are some of the important points. However there are many more points for which you may visit our academy web site blogs which are uploaded form time to time.So, readers believe in yourself and rock your examinations.

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