How to practice speaking English without a partner?

In the world of globalization, English has attained the status of official language everywhere in this world. So, it is very important to speak English in order to survive, as “Survival of the fittest” is the battle cry of today’s generation. Seek Academy being the Best English speaking institute in Delhi provides the ultimate experience in learning English.

As the title says, in this article, we are going to learn some tips to practice speaking English without a partner.

Speaking English is not as easy as it seems. But, What to do I am dying to learn this language. Oh! I know how to write in English, but I think speaking English is not my cup of tea!!

Practice Speaking English without a Partner

What to do? I am alone at home. Let’s start with my spoken practice.

Phone addiction:

Oh! You have phone addiction, great. Now start utilizing this technology. Pick a random topic, think about it for one minute, now grab a stopwatch then start speaking on that topic and record your own voice. After recording things take a pen and paper and start listening to that recording. Now jot down all the mistakes you have done as per your point of view and try to avoid those mistakes in future.

A Mirror is your best friend

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

No. No…that’s not the question you need to ask the beautiful mirror hanging on the wall.

All you have to do is stand in front of that mirror and just start talking to the reflection of your own image in the mirror. This way you will feel as if, someone is standing in front of you and you have a buddy to talk with. Along with that, it will also boost your confidence. And all my friends who feel hesitation while speaking English will be able to overcome the problem.

Watch Television

Yes! You read it right….I am asking you to watch television. Oh…Oh…But make sure not to watch your favorite serial in your mother tongue. Instead start watching English News channels, this way you will get add-on benefits.

First, you will learn the correct pronunciations, vocabulary and much more.

Second, by listening to the latest news you will end up improving your IQ level as well.

Go with the flow:

By following this tip, I do not mean that you should only consider speaking English and avoiding grammar. But, while speaking even if you know that you have made certain mistakes, do not stop there to correct that mistake. Instead, go with the flow and make sure not to make any mistake further. This way first, you will not spoil the conversation further due to nervousness and secondly, it will also help you to avoid usage of fillers.

Rate of Speach:

ROS- Rate of speech, while speaking English, remember to watch your rate of speech. If you will follow a controlled rate of speech you will get few seconds extra to think about your next sentence you will be uttering out of your mouth.

So, readers as in the above article we have got certain tips to practice speaking English. For further expert advice, you can walk up to Seek Academy for excellent English and a well- groomed personality.

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