How to Write a Resume?

Hello Readers, in this article I will share few important tips to remember before and while writing your resume to make it effective and turn it into a winning resume.

1. Choose your TYPE- Well there are various types of resume available which you can use while applying for job openings. Depending on your personal circumstances, job you are applying to, what you want to highlight and the purpose, position etc. choose

· A Chronological Resume— the simplest format to use for you and the employer, both.

· A Functional Resume— Highlighting your skills and experience. Here you can emphasize you skills and their relevancy to the job you are applying for.

· A Combination Resume — This type of resume is a mix of chronological and functional. (If you go by my opinion i would prefer this TYPE over other).

· A Targeted Resume- This type of resume is specifically written for the target job where the focus is on stating and highlighting those skills and experience which fits the best for the job you are applying for. Key skills, accomplishments and experience are the key players of the targeted resume.

Sit and think which TYPE you should choose that goes well with your target job.

2. Pick the right font and size -It’s important to choose a right font and font size that is readable and distinct.

Tip — If you are thinking about it then don’t, try to avoid Times New Roman font which is the most common one if you want to make your resume look different and not look like hundreds of others.

You can also keep few style features to enhance your resume to give it a feel good factor. You may use italics, underlining, bold, bullets, graphics etc. to a minimum. Restrict the use of boldface for the titles/headings and for quantifiable achievements that you would want to fetch the desired attention (Example: Secured and fulfilled 100 sales target). Make sure the style you choose is consistent in the entire resume.

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3. Review examples and prepare the content — Preparing the main content right from the Objective to the personal details you should be well with your writing skills while defining each Title in the best possible way — Objective, Professional Summary, Achievements/Accomplishments (Focus to highlight and justify these with quantifiable facts) , Academia/Qualification and other important information.

Read the samples available online and get an idea of how you can introduce yourself, can portray your qualifications, KSAs, elaborate your professional experience etc. Look out for some job winning resume formats and customize them according to your profile and requirement. Focus on the best words not the common ones to stand out of the crowd to use in your resume which reflects your skills and abilities.

Read the Job description and analyze what an employer is seeking. Try to include the information an employer would want to have and present your resume in that form.

4. Use Resume keywords or buzzwords- Most organizations use recruiting management software to source candidates for the job openings. In order to be accessible and traceable your resume must include the keywords that directly target the jobs you are interested in.

Try find out some buzzwords or terms that showcase your competencies in your specialized field, include them in your resume.

For example: Marketing professionals use — competitive analysis, sales, targets, etc.

Analyze and jot down the terms matching your qualifications to the job to ensure you’re including the appropriate keywords and skills.

5. Get resume advice — Writing a resume is hard work and should be given the desired importance it deserves and holds to land you with the desired job interview. So make sure to get it reviewed by some experienced professional or a senior. You can find resume writing services and tips to write an effective or job winning resume at SEEK HR SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. You can also meet with Certified Recruiters and Career Counselors if you are a fresher or a job seeker. We provide free resume review service and help you improvise/modify your resume to make it an effective one. We make sure your resume reaches to the employer error-free

At SEEK we can help you with connecting with potential employers, sending job alerts and sharing your resume with other recruiters.

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