IELTS Test preparation needs rigorous training where one must practice the time management with accuracy. Seek Academy provides IELTS assesses a candidate Reading writing listening and speaking skills and awards the bands accordingly. There are certain tricks in an individual module which a candidate has to follow at the time of the exam.

Reading test — There are two enemies when we talk about the reading skills. One is time management and the other one is accuracy. A student must focus on the accuracy to make all the answers correct then only focus on the time. As being accurate within the given time requires a lot of practice sessions. The student must focus on the text what is given they must not assume anything and unlearn any previous information they have about this topic.

Writing test — Writing test is quite challenging for all especially for those who do not have good language skills. You can’t change your language skills if you have less time to prepare but if you have ample of time to prepare you can change your language skills and enhance the way you express certain expressions.

One must be familiar with the parameters clearly on which your examiner will be assessing you in your writing task. Unfamiliarity with those might cause difficulty in writing.

Speaking test — A Speaking test is easier for those who are a natural user of this language and speak this language flawlessly. Students can understand the different parts of the speaking test and prepare accordingly. To score higher bands in the speaking test you need to use appropriate vocabulary and speak inaccurate pronunciation.

Listening test — This test is the easiest one of all tests and to score high in this test is not at all difficult. Familiarity with the accent and practice of these tests will make it possible for the students to score the higher bands. One must try to assume what they are going to listen to an answer and try to focus and write with correct spellings and following all the instructions given in the questions properly.

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