Tips for English learners : Seek Academy

It is not necessary to speak whole sentences: You can continue the conversation with words like ‘yes’, ‘okay’, ‘not at all’,’ sure’, ’hmm’, ’I see’ etc. as it is not necessary every time to speak whole sentences. Just be fluent and continue the conversation.

Be little more imaginative: If you are unable to recall a particular word or a phrase or not sure about describing a particular situation; there are many other ways to do it. Be little more imaginative and you can escape any situation very easily. For example, you want say that ‘your car is broken down’; and somebody asks you about that situation. You can answer him in many ways like: there is something wrong with my car or I need to show my car to a mechanic or the engine is not working.

Just keep on working on your vocabulary and you will surely succeed.

Use gestures: Gestures play an important role for English learners. Your face and eyes will show the other person how attentive you are. Be a good listener. Hand movements or eye movements as per the conversation are also a part of your effective communication.

Bookish English is different from spoken English: If somebody asks you to read English newspapers or magazines or watch English news to learn English. Don’t believe them as bookish English is entirely different from spoken English. Instead watch English movies, serials, daily soaps or operas (with English sub-titles). You will learn how to frame sentences and how to initiate a conversation.

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Be steady and to the point: Don’t be in hurry, take your time. It is not necessary to talk like an Express train. You don’t need to talk fast, you just have to be steady and to the point.

Don’t use unnecessary pauses: Effective use of pauses make your conversation fluent. Nobody can recall any word, anytime; just relax. Pauses are there to help you. Use hhmmm or ummm ; they are there to help you.

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