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Are you looking to improve your English? Then you are on the correct page. Seek Academy offers you to the English speaking classes. So, start with believing in yourself, listen and keep your ears open. Here we go!!

Read the following tips aloud:

Think in English: Stop thinking in your mother tongue. The more you think in English, the more fluent you will be in English. It does not matter that English is your second language; your thoughts must be formed in English only, if you want to hold any conversation in English. There are various ways to practice this; for example, look at any picture and then try to frame sentences in English by forming your thoughts in English only.

Do not hunt for any fancy words: Try to understand that language is a medium to convey your message, not a test. Just smile and speak English naturally without any fancy words. As a beginner you can make sure that you speak plain English with grammatically correct sentences and with the appropriate usage of vocabulary.

Avoid Fillers: When you think aloud, you try to fill the gap between your speech and your thoughts by adding certain words like ‘aaaa’, ‘eeeeaaaa’, ‘aaaammmm’ etc. or you tend to repeat certain words like ‘yes yes’, ‘no no’ ,’ya ya’ etc. You sound strange, unsure and less confident. When you fall short of words and do not have enough words to bridge the gap between your sentences, you tend use fillers in your speech.

Known vocabulary: The more you run after difficult words will only confuse you. Choose the words whose meaning and application you understand. Use simple phrases like ‘bright girl’ or ‘intelligent boy’ as you will sound more confident and error free. When you are confident enough of using certain words in a conversation, your fluency will be improved considerably.

Speak Daily: Read newspapers, books, websites etc. but Speak! Speak! And Speak! If you really want speak English fluently, you have to work hard for it. Practice speaking every day. Speak anything you want to but at least speak. Pick up any topic and start speaking.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: The more you speak, the more comfortable you get with the language and it becomes easier to more words. Don’t get afraid of making mistakes. Don’t let fears of saying something stop you from speaking English. Even if you are making mistakes, keep on speaking. You will learn from your mistakes.

Learn From Everyone: Don’t only rely on text books and teachers, anyone who speaks in English can be a great help to you. Take an advantage of the opportunity to practice and learn from English-speakers. Whether it is a friend or a co-worker, take full advantage to get an opportunity to learn.

Don’t study Grammar too much: Keep your grammar text books away for some time when you want to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in real world. Speaking English fluently is not the same way of knowing grammar perfectly- even native English-speakers make grammar mistakes! Fluency refers to the ability to communicate. The key is to find a perfect balance between studying and practicing.

So, at the end I hope these tips are helpful and make you speak English fluently and effectively. Join our institute for English Speaking Institute in West Delhi.

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