Why study in Canada?

As we all know that study in abroad is nothing but one of the greatest opportunities a student can get and if used incorrect manner can lead to a life changing experience. There are many destinations which a student can choose to study abroad like Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Italy, The United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand etc. But now a day’s one of the favorite destinations of students is becoming Canada.

Not only students but professionals, who are planning to settle abroad, prefer Canada. Settling overseas has become preference for students and professionals. If we talk about Canada there are many things which come into our mind and it shows various reasons that why Canada is becoming a favorite destination these days for study as well as immigration.

Study in Canada is very vast. It has variety of courses and ample number of opportunities to get scholarships or study with best college/university. When it comes to choose a course in Canada it has everything available from humanities to science, health, technology. Degrees, diplomas and certificates from Canada are accepted globally so any student who wants to come back to his/her own country after studying from Canada can happily take this decision. As we all know that the value of foreign education has high demand when it comes to take join MNC’s or any other reputed organization.

You need to clear IELTS test to visit foreign country. Our institute provide IELTS classes. Seek Academy arranges special classes for professionals. Study abroad become easier now.

There are two languages majorly spoken overall Canada that is French and English. So, learning French can also be a plus point for student and for immigrants.

Reasons to choose Canada for education:

1. There are many options of scholarships available and education from Canada is accepted internationally.

2. Get a chance to live and study in bilingual atmosphere. As French and English are spoken widely all over Canada.

3. Canada is a multi cultured country so students get a chance to be with people coming from different countries and backgrounds.

4. Living expenses in Canada are very economical as compared to many other countries.

5. Canada is at forefront when it comes to various industries like telecommunication, medical tools, various aspects of engineering etc.

6. Education is affordable when compared to other countries like USA, UK etc.

Fun Facts about Canada:

1. Canada is the second largest country in the world and first is Russia.

2. Canada is the World’s Most Educated Country: over half its residents have college degrees.

3. 20% of the world’s fresh water is in Canada and it has more lakes than any other country.

4. Largest coastline is found in Canada.

5. “EH” is the valid word in oxford dictionary which comes from Canada.

Canada has always been the favorite destination for the students and now a day’s it’s becoming more preferred location for students as well immigrants. Choosing Canada as you study destination can turn out to be a one of the life changing decision. Most popular courses in Canada are Engineering, Pharmacy technician, information technology, business management.

Canada offers great opportunities for international students and also an opportunity to work part time which helps them to take care of their living, traveling, housing etc. international students when a get a chance to be in the country where people come from various parts of the country and living in natives helps them to adapt things easily in life. Canada also given an opportunity to students to settle in Canada after their education so in case an individual plans to settle down in Canada after studies he can get Canadian work experience and apply to permanent residency of Canada. Canada is a great experience in terms of education and settlement.

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