A “Skinny Fat” Pilot Turned Fitness Model Competitor

Do you struggle with a skinny fat physique and have no idea how to break out of it and create a body that not only looks good in clothes, but also without clothes!

Well, I struggled. For years. And what was frustrating was being told that I was an “ectomorph” that could never escape the “bad genetics” I was given. That I was destined to being skinny fat. Forever.

So in this short article, I am going to give you the formula for reversing skinny fat. It’s unsexy and unlikely to make the Top 100 blog post articles. But it’s based on my own experience and how I used it to turn my physique into one that is now preparing for the World Titles as a fitness model competitor in June 2017.

Editors Note: I have since launched a digital video course that will show you the practical strategies to reversing skinny fat. Check it out at my online fitness school here.

Here is my physique.

That’s where I am at now.

You’ll learn the mistakes I made and how I turned it all around. In 3 months from now, I hope that you’ll share your success story with me! :)

This is what I looked like…

That was my first flight as a pilot in a helicopter. It was pretty awesome! :)

But I hated my physique. Skinny arms, no muscle. Oh, and when I took my shirt off, I looked like this…

Geez… “put your shirt back on, Brad!”

I smirked in that photo. Deep down I fu*king hated that photo being taken.

And yeah, I still love my Calvin Klein underwear :)

In my quest to break away from the shackles of being skinny fat, I did the following:

  • Ate raw, “clean” food on a regular basis
  • Participated in 2 to 3 group training classes 3 to 4 times per week. Think: spin, RPM, Grit Strength, etc.

Basically, a ton of cardio!

  • Avoided refined sugar like the plague and believed that any piece of chocolate (all time favourite) would throw me right back down the rabbit hole of being skinny fat.

The truth is, the body you see above in the pink/red Calvin Klein underwear was taken about 18 months after hardcore clean eating and group training classes.

Check this out.

Yup… I am one of those weirdos that takes photos of what I eat. I never knew I would be reciting them years later!

I was eating at every raw food, paleo, clean eating joint in Melbourne and my physique did…not…change! Which led to the belief that my genetics were screwed up after all.

Why did I become skinny fat and why did my physique not change after following what the masses prescribe as the “cure”?

Because the advice is rubbish. It sells magazines. It sells supplements. It sells 90 day workout programs. It sells gym memberships.

As a marketer, if I were to say “avoid sugar or be skinny fat forever.” I am automatically biased toward pushing book sales of my hypothetical book titled: “Get Ripped Sugar-Free!” Get it?

Popular magazines and columnists push eating clean and avoiding refined sugar because it sells their books. That ice cream is the devil and unless you adhere to the BS Instagram fitness model’s meme of “sweat is the fat tears being burned off,” then you are destined to be a skinny fat.


I’m not saying don’t eat clean food. But, eating clean guarantees nothing in the way of a great physique. Period. At the moment, I eat clean food and I still eat the occasional “devil” food.

Check this out.

This was taken 2 weeks ago. Donut on the left. Burger on the right. Sorry to state the obvious :) Again, I own these photos :)

And this is my physique as of 3 days ago (13th of May 2017)…

I also had a long black this morning with two teaspoons of sugar.

I think you get the point.

Reversing skinny fat is not about avoiding your favourite food, grinding your ass away in the gym until your blue in the face, or starving yourself down to the breadcrumbs.

There’s a strategy. It’s backed in science. It’s not fancy. But it works.

Here’s the solution in 243 words

If you follow the masses, you will become the masses. Do the opposite of what the masses suggest, and you have a chance of winning.

If you want the physique that only the one percent have… you got to do what the one percent do. That’s the philosophy.

The strategy is this:

You must:

  • Increase your protein intake (usually 0.6g to 1g per LB of bodyweight per day)
  • Undertake heavy weight/ resistance training, 3 to 4 times per week. (Think dumbbells and barbells!)
  • Reduce your cardio down to 1–3 hours per week. Yup, not a typo!
  • Find out what your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) is and eat 20–30% less calories. Track this in MyNetDiary or MyFitnessPal. Google is your friend :)
  • Follow the first four points religiously.
  • Be consistent with all the above.

You. Will. Win!


I know, I know. It’s not sexy. It’s not groundbreaking. But take this from someone that is not trying to sell you supplements, books, or BS — and — a skinny fat-turned fitness model competitor.

It seems like an oversimplification. I discuss the science and the above strategy in much detail in a free online video course. The Skinny Fat Solution. It’s 100% free. I filmed it as a way of giving back and helping others.

I also have Snapchat where you can ask me any question you like. That’s also for free. Add: SeekFitLife.

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Please… give this strategy a shot and reach out to me. I want to hear your story!

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