The Fitness Model Off Season Struggle

As some of you reading this know, I competed as a fitness model competitor at the World Titles and placed 5th in my division.

It was an overwhelming achievement that I will never forget. Getting up on stage and singing the National Anthem and representing my country. If you’d like to watch a YouTube video of the big competition day, go here.

It was the day before the World Titles that I had my photoshoot with a local photographer in Phuket.

Here is one of the photos from that photoshoot.

Let’s back track.

Prior to doing any fitness competition, I had maintained a body that I was very proud of. I worked hard to achieve those results.

Here is me standing on the right hand side with my mate Carlos from Mexico. Note. We are about to go bungee jumping in Cancun. He’s not thrilled at all :) This was back in November 2015.

It was only in March 2017 that I competed as a fitness model competitor for the first time in my life. I never expected in a million years to get first place! This immediately put me in the running to compete at the World Titles.

The training was intense. The dieting was strict. It was up to 3 hours of training per day. This included weight training, cardio, posing practice. Not to mention, having to meal prep every 3 days and eat against a strict eating schedule.

This is a photo of me (pictured left) at the World Titles. This competition was held in June 2017.

The guy standing in the middle is World №1. He killed it. Great guy :)

My Current Off Season Body

Are you ready for it? As of August 2017, I look like this…

Now you might be thinking that I am being pedantic. But the truth is. I am more “out of shape” post- World Titles then I was prior to doing any fitness model competition.

In conclusion

I totally get why so many fitness model competitors get dragged back into competitions, season after season.

It’s because they get addicted to their “stage appearance” which is never sustainable long term. The moment we all walk off stage, we overindulge in every single crappy calorie you can imagine.

Here is a video titled “Eating Frenzy in Thailand.” This video showcases a few of the competitors going crazy in Thailand after the World Titles. You’ll find this video entertaining, actually.

Thanks for reading.