Tutorial on Gate.io Seek Tiger NFT Mystery Box Vouchers

Dear Tiger Players,

On the 22nd of February 2022 which happens to be just a few days ago, Seek Tiger’s pirate tiger collection was listed on Binance NFT marketplace and it left the whole market undoubtedly awed as it sold out in seconds. To capitalize on this success and to also give another chance to our supporters who felt sad after being unable to acquire our stunning pirate tiger on Binance, we are delighted to announce that more Seek Tiger NFTs will be listed on Gate.io’s NFT BOX on the 25th of February, you better not
miss this one 😉

Here’s a little tutorial to prep you on how to lay your hands on our fierce looking tigers as soon as they get listed.

You must have heard of NFTs, if not, NFT is the short for non fungible token.

What is a non-fungible token?

A non fungible token is a digital token representing a unique asset, which could either be entirely digital or tokenized versions of real world items. As NFTs are not changeable and can’t be duplicated, they function as digital proof of authenticity and ownership.

What is Gate NFT Marketplace?

This is a platform where you trade a variety of digital artworks and collectibles which is powered by the Gate’s Blockchain infrastructure and community. The Gate NFT Marketplace also provides high liquidity for users who want to create, buy and sell NFTs.

How can you get started?

First -> You have to sign up for Gate account on gate.io

When registering, there’s a place for referral code, you can use the code 3921621 for 20% discount fee (it’s optional though)

Set up your KYC verification (using either national ID card or any ID card allowed by your country

Also set up your security using Google authentication OTP and add a phone number

Second -> After signing up, come to the home page,

And click on wallet, then you click on deposit

Add money to your wallet, they are different coins and tokens available, that can be added, when you are done return back to the homepage

Third -> When you return to the homepage, you would notice NFT Box

Click on it, then on NFT Markets

You would see a purchase agreement form of NFT,

Click on the box and confirm

Fourth -> After clicking on the box, a page like the image below appears

Then you go to the search button, and search for Seektiger mystery box voucher

The great news about the mystery box voucher is that the vouchers price on gate is already 80% discounts. What a great and enticing price

Fifth -> Then you see a page like the one below

Note: When you buy 10 vouchers, you automatically get 1 whitelite spot, where you can buy IEO on gate with 100$ worth in $STI tokens

When on the page above, click on purchase, it brings

and you confirm it, then it brings a puzzle for you to solve

You solve the puzzle, and you have the mystery box vouchers

About Seek Tiger

Seek Tiger is based on Web3 0’s Dao chain game aggregation platform; we innovatively combine the blind box, digital tiger, and Dao to present you an interesting meta -universe ecology of NFT + Dao + Gamefi.

Follow Seek Tiger on:

Website | Telegram |Channel| Twitter | DAO Twitter | Discord | Medium | Reddit | YouTube



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