Make It Rain: Building an MVP for Fun and Profit (Part 3 of the Epic Guide to Bootstrapping)
Clifford Oravec

Thank you for this kickass Guide. It is some of the best approaches to getting off the ground, which I have been trying to do for years. Unfortunately, the economy and prospects who were either waiting on Regulations to be issued or the repeal of Obamacare along with becoming disabled, were the main reasons. But, maybe if I had taken your approach and mindset, I could have found a few companies who would have made use of my “Guess”(product) and enjoyed its profits during that time instead of taking the “wait and see” attitude.

I will try your methods as a new Release (v.17.1) now compliant with Trumpcare (or Healthcare Reform 2017). However, I would like to get your help regarding targeting. The nature of my “Guess” (product) dictates that the initial contact must be with the CEO. Where do CEOs of large employers hang out?

If you have the time you can look at my Profile on LinkedIn where I also have a short blurb on my “Guess” the Burns ERP.

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