Why Some People Can’t Smoke Weed
Tracy Moore

A Slightly Different Pot Reaction…

For years, I’ve heard about the wonders of marijuana for certain health conditions. When I happened to be in Vegas this summer just after recreational use was legalized, I had the opportunity to try edibles. I was cautiously optimistic & hopeful.

Never. Again.

I experienced tingling and numbness of my face, then head, that spread down through my body. I had difficulty breathing and later a feeling like someone was tightening their hands around my throat.

Those symptoms were not based on one type or abnormal serving sizes.

From what I was able to learn, it’s rare but some people do experience these unexpected side effects.

I’m not opposed to legalizing pot, but I think it should be well researched, regulated for everyone’s safety, and the public educated. I wouldn’t wish my experience on anyone.