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Abuse? There’s some irony.

Full disclosure: I’m not familiar with this professor or his courses.

“…recognize that love has decayed into abuse.”

This is ironic.

Abuse is a strong word. From what you conveyed, it sounds more like he repeated his opinion over a period of 17 lectures. Seventeen.

God gave us a brain to reason and free will. He offers the “gift” of salvation for things he deems sin. We can choose him as our Lord and Saviour, or we can burn for eternity. To me? That sounds more like a gun held to my head, unless I choose the one and only option of him as my Lord, my King, my ruler. That leaves no room to use the brain he gave me. That’s not a gift; that’s a curse. Choosing him with a threat in place is not an honest choice. That’s not love. That’s blackmail, abuse of power, and psychological and emotional abuse/control.

I once believed with all my being in your God. Something I’ve learned since claiming freedom, is the importance of challenging my views. Even if it’s painful or uncomfortable. If my beliefs still stand after the smoke clears, all the better. Your faith is the size of a mustard seed and can move mountains, right? I challenge you to resist the desire to defend, and ask you to challenge your beliefs. You’ll be stronger for it.

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