Dear, Seele supporters:

Seele Foundation has made the following adjustments for comprehensive industrial upgrading and development.

First, the granularity subdivision of tokens is to deal with future computing services and asset trading services.

Secondly, a brand-new technology development, industrial development and community operation team was formed.

New brand logo

Finally, announce the new industrial layout, new team and new technical ideas.

At the same time, a new Telegram group of Seele project has also been activated, we hereby to invite everyone to join us:

Seele-N new Medium page:

Project New Official Website:

Details of Industry Upgrade and Development Announcement:

SEELE has been a public chain designed to meet the needs of industrial development since its birth. In the past two years, we have worked with global industry partners to explore the landing scenarios and applications of the combination of blockchain technology and blockchain industry, which have made considerable progress.

With the upcoming large-scale application embedding, SEELE will be used for large-scale, fragmented knowledge calculation and data asset transaction services in industrial application scenarios. At the request of industrial partners, SEELE needs a smaller granularity to meet the needs of industrial scenarios.

The specific operation plan is as follows:







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Seele Team






Seele has recently carried out many upgrades in technology, ecology, resources, capacity and thereafter it will complete industrial implementation and further development.

Seele’s future development will use healthcare and finance as the main application scenarios, and conduct global transactions for data, knowledge and algorithmic properties. The project reshapes the knowledge acquisition and iteration methods, data exchange and sharing methods represented by healthcare, so that each of the participants becomes a platform. …

At the end of 2018, there was a market turmoil in blockchain industry, the long-standing depressed market environment made many domestic and foreign companies to die out. In this difficult time, a group of projects with positive change and stable foundation survived. Seele was one of them.

In the past year, Seele actively sought breakthroughs, continuously improved its technical structure and ecological environment, and overcome one problem after another with its strong vitality. …

Selena Sha

With the recent release of Seele Javascript SDK , we came up a simple example to demonstrate some of it’s capability. We aren’t going to get into too much technical details here, some understanding of EVM and smart contract will be very helpful. So please excuse me if you find this article is not that in detail.

The idea of the example is straight forward, store and retrieve a single game score in the Seele main net.

Here are the steps for the project.

A smart contract to store and retrieve the score, below is the code for…

1. Released Go-Seele 1.3.0

2. Released Seele-SDK-Javascript

3. Released Seeleteam-js

4. Refined Seele SDK and published documentation

5. Test nodeSet and peerSet in the p2p module

6. Increase the judgment of the number of nodes connected to each shard, so that only the node connections of the shards to be connected are added

7. Statistical distribution of the target of the consensus algorithm, according to the distribution curve, users can choose the distribution points freely

8. Sub-chain smart contract function test

9. Subchain documentation, contract development, IDE development

10. Sub-chain subscription function development and testing

Block Explorer:

1. Mining algorithm optimization

2. Added Seele RPC function

3. P2P nodes synchronization optimization

4. Mining nodes CPU utilization optimization

5. Seele JS SDK development

6. Seele SDK development

7. Research on Invalid Parameters of UDP Node Connection

Block Explorer:

1. Designed and implemented deposit/exit/challenge txs validation

2. Implemented verifiers add and remove modules in block and snapshot structure.

3. Designed exit mechanism after challenge succeeded.

4. Optimize deposit/exit logic in Stem subchain contract

5. Develop database and merkel tree prototype for subchain

6. Test Stem subchain contract on Seele mainnet

7. Subchain JS SDK completed

8. Wallet optimization

9. Registered HD wallet BIP44, code 456

Block Explorer:


Blockchain 4.0 - Seele is a blockchain ecosystem project developing a multi-chain heterogeneous forest network. Check out our official website at

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