5 Things I Absolutely Loved About New York City

Having not been to New York City since I was in high school, I was excited to see how this city would look and feel to someone like myself as a young and ambitious 22 year old. A few days later, I was not disappointed from what I saw. Yes, there were the usual things like the beautiful skyscrapers and the way the city lit up at night but I noticed a few other things that really caught my attention and made me realize how New York City is truly a unique place. Here are a few of my observations:

1 Everybody is so well dressed- This was one of the first things I noticed right as I got off the bus. It seemed like just about everyone there was dressed in a unique and stylish way. Young and old, male or female, gay or straight etc.. It didn’t matter. Most people seemed to take pride in their appearance and I really liked that. I believe that the way you dress tells other people so much about you such as how creative or confident you are.

It isn’t uncommon to see women dressed like this in NYC

2 The Diversity -NYC is really really diverse and from what I saw, the city seemed to be functioning just fine. I really do believe that it’s this diversity is one of the main qualities that factors into making New York to be such an interesting and unique place.

3 The Food Carts -These were everywhere and the quality of the food was surprisingly good. The gyros that I bought from them were just as good as the ones I ate down in Seattle and were not too expensive either.

My mouth is watering just by looking at this

4 The Beautiful Skyscrapers- Ok, I know this is something everybody knows about already but god damn, New York’s skyscrapers are truly marvelous especially when you see them up close. It truly makes you appreciate the amazing things humans are capable of.

5 Public Transportation -Aside from the fact that a lot if things in the city can be reached simply by walking, the public transportation is also really convenient especially now with Lyft and Uber. I’d highly recommend people take a Lyft or Uber in NYC during the peak traffic hours and experience first hand how terrible the drivers are in the city and experience the thrill of people cutting you off out of nowhere and the endless honking. Seriously, I don’t think I’d be able to keep my cool driving in NYC.

Anyways, Those were the 5 things that I really liked about New York City. The one thing that I did conclude from my stay was that this is a place that I need to spend more time in because honestly, I don’t think I truly got to experience the gist of what the city had to offer. Until next time, thanks for reading my article. I’m out!

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