Book Review- The Four Agreements

In my most recent book review, I go over The Four Agreements written by author, Don Miguel Ruiz. I will go over some things I liked about the book and some things I didn’t like. I will then mention what kind of people this kind of book is perfect for and lastly, I’ll give the book a final score (out of 10).

Let’s be honest, we as humans carry around with us various beliefs in regards to what is right and what is wrong or more specifically, what is socially acceptable and what is not. We were taught these things early on from first our families, then our friends, and then the society we live in. Some examples include what kind of people we should hang out with, what kind of materialistic items we should own, and what kind of political or religious beliefs we should believe in. Now of course, there are a lot more examples but these were some that I could think off top of my head. The author refers to this as the domestication of humans and he says this is problematic because as time goes on, people begin to pretend to be someone they are not just to please other people. This further leads to self hatered and prevents people from living a truly happy life. Reading this book has been an enlightening experience and here are my reasons :

Pros: The first thing I really liked about the book was how well written it was. This obviously made it easier to read and understand. I could’ve easily finished this book in a day or two (I read it in a week, just because I wanted to take notes on it). Now what makes the book so amazing is the wisdom contained in it. The goal of the 4 agreements is to replace your old toxic ways of thinking with the 4 agreements. Here are the 4 agreements :

Cons: The only con I could think of is a personal one but some of the advice towards the end of the book was stuff that I was already familiar with such as the power of forgiving and how to live life more fearlessly. That is just about it, and that is the only thing I could think about. Other than that, it’s as close to a perfect book as you can get.

Who Should Read This Book? EVERYBODY!!!

Final Score: 9.5/10 [Potential to be life changing]

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