My Road to Code (Week 4)

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So I recently finished reading this amazing book called The Four Agreements by author Don Miguel Ruiz and one of the four agreements that he talks about is to always do your best. Now this may sound simple and pretty straightforward but the main reason he says is because whenever you do your best at something regardless if you’re tired, sick, or are overcome with a certain obstacle, you won’t be able to judge yourself negatively. Now I was able to relate to this during the past week (well, more like past 2 weeks). Since the beginning of 2017, I had been battling a combination of a terrible cold and fever. As a result, I didn’t have much energy but I still committed to teaching myself programming. I would end up only going for an hour or sometimes two but my pace was slow and I would feel bad for not being able to learn fast enough. However, upon finishing The Four Agreements, I realized that I was still doing my best even though I was not in the best health and therefore, I had no reason to feel bad.

The good news is that I’m 95% cured and I’ve been able to make up for my lost productivity. I decided to focus soley on better understanding the C language. So just yesterday, I finished my first techinical book on the C language and I would say that I’ve gotten a decent grasp on the language. Learning C has helped me better understand how a computer works as well as the basic concept of programming. I would highly recommend beginners learn C as their first language just because it’s influenced so many other programming languages and teaches you a lot of useful things. I’m now going to move on to teaching myself C++. Anyways, here’s all of the content that I’m studying and the progress I’ve made with them:

Online Courses:

Online Bootcamps:

  • Free Code Camp- Here is my FCC page where you can see all of my completed projects and challenges. Not sure when I’ll resume so I’ll let you guys know when I do.
  • Here is my Codepen page where you can see some of my front-end projects.

Programming Books:

I just recently discovered Github Gist and so I’ll be publishing all my code on there from now on. Here’s the link:

Devoloper Meetups I’ve attended : has been an amazing tool in helping me meet other people interested in learning how to program. I didn’t go to any meetups the past week but will hopefully attend more than 1 during the month of February

  • Group: B’more On Rails Event: Monthly meetup with guest speakers (August 2016)
  • Group: JrWebDev Event: Second Mondays Code Sesh with guest speakers (November 14), (December 12)
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