Ahmet Altan, the conscience of a nation

We, the Turkish people, are living through remarkable days. The country is under Erdogan’s and his crooked Islamist ideology’s occupation. People are mesmerised and coerced into believing everything Erdogan argues. Crowds are constantly fed lies and propaganda. It’s working and it’s damn effective. 50.000 people are jailed over bogus accusations, terrorism and coup charges are brought against thousands of innocents. Though control is a thing of the past; Turkish authorities are now punishing dissident thoughts with 3 consecutive life sentences.

A stark example of which is Ahmet Altan: a renowned writer, journalist and a great liberal thinker. He was arrested 10 months ago for instigating the failed coup attempt in Turkey. He is facing 3 consecutive life sentences for instigating the failed coup and 15 years for being a member of FETO (a deragotary term refers to Gulenists in Turkey).

I am reading Ahmet Altan’s defence and it is so damning. It is rightly called the modern day j’accuse.

More to follow….

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