Should I be arguing with this person on the Internet?
Kiki Schirr

You snowflake .. HAHAAAHAHA .. that’s a good one. I’ll remember it next time.

I’ve not reached the state where I’d have to argue with a human. Actually, Facebook locked me out, demanded proof of who I say I am — send a utility bill with the address or a passport copy.

Hello? Is it We you’re looking for?

Who actually says who they say they are there. Except for a few need to make a stand using the platform to reach an agenda, like thank gawd DAESH is not there, or are they rubbing shoulders with MOSSAD.

Like as if I’m one of their clueless blur bat, or something glorified. Social Networks are such a pain .. when we’ll have garnered a collaborative team, will prolly create a better one. Will likely have to borrow your doodle as a pseudo-flow to more profound insights.