One Piece Marine Ford Arc

One piece is a manga/anime series created by Eiichiro Oda in 1997. Straw-hat Luffy is the main protagonist in this story who dreams of becoming the Pirate king and is in a search for the ultimate treasure called the “One Piece”. Luffy consumes a mystical devil fruit said to grant an ability to those who consume its contents. He gains the power of a rubber man giving him the controlled ability to stretch his body to his will. In order for Luffy to set sail in search of the treasure he must first gather a set variety of members for his crew.

A few journeys later Luffy meets his brother and has now gathered a total of 8 members whom are a part of the Strawhat pirates who he considers family. The crew compiles of a hunter, navigator, chef, marksman, musician, mechanic, archaeologist and a doctor. Together the crew set out for an adventure on an archipelago where they are separated by an enemy rival. Following the downhill spiral of events from the previous story arc, Luffy then finds himself at the footsteps of the world government with his brother, who is set to be publically executed in front of the entire world.

The exposition portion of this story introduces a set variety of characters both new and old to the One Piece universe. Luffy must team up with his brother’s pirate crew and past villain antagonist’s whom he and his crew have defeated in previous story arcs in order to save his brother. This specific story plot, titled “The Paramount War” develops on the modern dramatic structure concept, where readers of the franchise are able to sympathise with the protagonist and his temporary crew while being able to gain interest on the newer characters being introduced to the story.

During the middle portion of the arc, the protagonist Luffy, has to fight his way through a set of enemies with the help of his past friends and foes. This is considered to be the rising action plot of the story where Luffy must face a multiple amount of enemies both stronger and weaker than himself through numerous acts of quick fights and confrontations.

Luffy eventually reaches his brother and set’s him free, however during their escape from the government his brother is pierced through the stomach by another devil fruit user, killing him in the act. The Paramount War arc in the one-piece universe was strongly built upon character development and progression, where Luffy’s brother, a well flushed out and developed character, who was introduced earlier in a previous story arc is killed at the climax proportion of the plot.

The story then continues in a downwards spiral towards the end, where another important character dies while the allies attempt to escape the premises with an unconscious Luffy devastated with the death of his brother. News spreads rapidly across the world where the separated Strawhat pirates individually attempt to group back together at the archipelago following the news of their captain’s fatal struggle at the foot of the world government. This is the conclusion towards the Paramount War arc.

I chose to select this specific story arc in the One Piece universe because It greatly follows the key concepts of the modern dramatic story structure. where the plot includes an exposition, where character motives are introduced, a rising action scene, where Luffy and his allies fight their way to his brother, and a climax scene, where after the multiple attempts to reach their goals both fail and succeed, Luffy’s brother dies in front of him.
This story structure mattered only to me because each character featured in this arc were well developed older characters, whom were introduced in previous arcs, and newer characters whom I was curious to see how and why they were significant towards stories plot.

The Paramount War arc saw the return of older characters, past villains and allies alike who were given greater story development and meaning towards the entire plot of one piece, leaving open opportunities for me to see them return in the future. The Paramount War arc was a great combination of both intense fights and emotional deaths, where the protagonist is seen struggling and relying on the help of others in order to reach his goal. One piece is a franchise of great arcs and characters alike and this is one of their greatest stories told yet.