VVPool, F2Pool Partner Introduces B2X for Mining

As you may already know, SegWit2X created its own pool and we have announced it in one of our previous news posts. In order to popularize the fork and let the larger scale audience get the access to B2X mining, we are actively negotiating with mining pools worldwide.

On January 7th, 2018 B2X was officially implemented in VVPool, a platform providing fork-currency mining services for global miners. The VVPool project has been running since October 2017 and provides various opportunities to mine fork coins, such as BCH, BTG, SBTC, UBTC, and ETC. Moreover, it’s important to stress that VVPool is a partner of F2Pool — the largest comprehensive mining pool in China. Similar to F2Pool, VVPool has about 40% customers representing the Chinese fork coin mining market.

Dear friends, we are happy to have you on our side and manage to promote the fork as well as B2X mining to a global level. Conquering Chinese market is a great leap, but SegWit2X team is unstoppable. Stay connected and follow our news through the social channels and the official website of the fork.