Top 10 tips to quit smoking |

People get addicted to various types of habits in life including watching TV, playing PC games or partying. However, hardly anything can be as harmful as smoking cigar or any nicotine based substance. Despite knowing the several detrimental effects of smoking, billions of people smoke everyday across the world, they become so hooked to the habit. It is not restricted to men any longer, with several hundred women resorting to smoking each year.

Why quitting smoking is so tedious?

Despite their plans to give up smoking millions of men and women carry on with the harmful habit. This sounds simple but giving up smoking becomes hard for a number of factors. A majority of smokers fail to quit smoking because

  • They cannot refuse peer offers and work culture in male dominated workplaces
  • Like hunger pangs, the craving to puff arises at certain timings
  • They live in an atmosphere where smokers are a majority
  • The commercials of smoking and tobacco stir their mind

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If the aforesaid tips do not help much, you may seek Addiction Treatment Procedure Doctor’s help to quit smoking. Their services can be useful for you.