Ntrt Sekhmet — My Own Journey of Awakening —

~ My own journey of awakening ~

My name is Fiona and I am a Soul Path Oneness Healer and Specialist . My Soul name is Ntrt Sekhmet. I have had an interesting journey of awakening to my soul powers.

Soul powers and origin is always an interesting aspect of my magickal practice since the beginning.

I started spell casting and spirit binding to objects since 6 years of age and noticed my ability of astral traveling, healing other people through my hands at the age of 10, and I started drawing soul and energy symbols at the age of 11. I’ve done it all without any training.

I went through teenage period with a lot soul searching. Magick has never left my blood and soul all through these years of explorations.

I have always been interested in serving the world, and I always believe in the power of love and healing.

In recent years I have been through a rough journey of awakening to my soul identity.

I have awakened to all of my soul past (my reincarnated past lives) as well as the origin of my soul — as Ntrt Sekhmet. Many of the memories came back to me in the past lives as well as in this lifetime. And also memories in the spirit realm with my God’s family.

I have came to discover that many things I have known about magick and healing have everything to do with Ntrt Sekhmet’s powers and soul identity.

The first pendant I have ever brought myself was an Ankh at age 14. I didn’t even know what it meant! LOL

In fact my true awakening was very similar to Goddess Sekhmet’s story in ancient Egyptian myth — one night I was having “one red wine too many” (sorry it was bottles not glasses lol) and the next day I started to hear and see spirits and energy everywhere physically (not just through my 3rd eye).

Back then I’ve never even studied the Goddess Sekhmet. All I knew was her name and how cool she looks but I have never known or studied anything about her.

My awakening wasn’t the easiest one. There were many moments I thought I was losing my mind!

I was stubborn and refused many times to be One with her after the awakening. It wasn’t as easy as just remembering her as me, but also about going through the shock and disbelief of knowing my soul as her, with all my life living as her without any prior knowledge of her at all. I have known many even before I know about her!

In one of the soul journey, I saw myself before reincarnating to this lifetime, and my mission here is to heal to world with love.

So here I am. My destiny is set. My gift to the world is my loving presence. Come join me and have the most amazing soul journey with me!!

Love your life, Love your path

Sekhmet, the Goddess Path in Oneness.

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