Women Policing Women: the Prison Of Belief
Ozzy Etomi

Good article. I’m an African American woman who was raised in the African Kemetian traditions that include equality of the genders. Not the Western Abrahamic religious sexist crap that weak black men and women buy into. Why follow the white man’s culture of self-hatred and slavery? My ancestors were the Pharoahs, the Kings and Queens of Kemet (ancient Egypt) the greatest civilization the world has known. The technology may have came a long way since then but clearly the social customs have not! They have de-evolved. I’ll take a pass on that trash, and any man or woman who’s selling it. I am married, but in a marriage of equals to a fellow Kemetian. From reading this article I can see I made the right decision to never even consider picking a Christian, Muslim, or Jew. This woman does not submit.

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