Apparently you enjoy the constant vomiting of accusations from secret unnamed sources or the out…
Reginald Erikson

Horseshit, only the CIA and FBI were on board with that conspiracy theory lie... 
"NYT Finally Retracts Russia-gate Canard" – Consortiumnews -
And the lies of the CIA and FBI are debunked here... 
“Debunking Russiagate, Part 1” (with links to parts 2 & 3)
My favorite part is the fact that the CIA and FBI never even examined the DNC servers, they just blindly took the word of a private security firm beholden to the Clintons (who are well known Russophobs). So the only way the CIA and FBI could possibly "know" that the DNC was even hacked, let alone by Russia is if they used MAGIC. That’s all you bigot Russophobic McCarthyite bigots have, crazed evidence-free conspiracy theories and magic!

Did I say bigots? Yes I did, because that is the entire basis of you ilks Russia hatred.. 
“US Anti-Russia Sentiment Is Built On Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia, And Demagoguery”
So being that I don’t interact with crazy conspiracy theory nutjob racists you are BLOCKED. Good bye and good riddance.

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