Trump campaign says it has secret evidence to disprove women’s sexual assault claims
Josh Israel

I place this in the same category as Hillary’s claims that recent Wikileaks disclosures were supplied by Russian hackers. Namely the category of pure fiction. Neither Trump or Hillary can provide any proof, any evidence whatsoever to backup their conspiracy claims, because both are disgusting liars with no proof to support their outrageous claims. Neither is fit or qualified to be President. The only difference is the mainstream media gives the credit the disclosures about Trump that they deserve, whereas the same media, in obvious collusion with the Clinton campaign, diverts attention from the content of the Wikileaks information about Hillary and instead focuses on unproven Russian hacking allegations pretending said claims are proven fact, when they are as fact based as are Trump’s equally ridiculous claims of proof of innocence. Basically leaks about Trump are given media coverage and implied credability whereas leaks about Clinton are dismissed outright and given little or no coverage, and treated as having no credability without any actual evidence for such a clearly biased conclusion. This is why I don’t get my news from the mainstream media or view them as credible given their obvious bias. Likewise the candidate I support, Progressive Green Party candidate Jill Stein is either given no coverage or ridiculed by the mainstream media puppets of the 1% oligarchy. I see no point in watching corporate propaganda for the 1% regressives. The fact that they so strongly support Hillary should frighten every thinking person.

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