Meanwhile the opposing candidate is an admitted lawbreaker, walking bank bailout, and in current…
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“Opposing candidate”? Which one? You are apparently unaware of this but more than the two Republicans, Clinton and Trump, are running for President this year. Being an independent Progressive I’m of course voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party. But since you want to compare Clinton to Trump let’s look at the bottom line, human survival. All other issues and nonsense take a backseat to the survival of the human species. Two things greatly threaten that today, Climate Change and nuclear war. And while Trump is no Climate hero, neither is Hillary. Her record of supporting Fracking, big oil and big coal is atrocious. Worst of all though is her renewed support for the TPP. If the TPP passes it will be impossible to combat Climate Change and humanity will be doomed to extinction. Trump strongly opposes the TPP, so whatever damage he does to the climate in four years can be mitigated. TPP undermines national sovereignty giving environmental decisions over to secret corporate tribunals, who would have to voluntary choose to forgo profits to combat Climate Change before any efforts to do so can occur. Since this has happened exactly ZERO times in world history it’s pretty safe to assume it’s not going to ever happen, thus if the TPP passes we are all doomed. Secondly regarding nuclear war, insane Hillary wants to continue the reckless policy of demonizing and antagonizing Russia for no reason, even up to putting nukes on their boarders. Russia has already stated that this would be an act of war. Whereas Trump wants to normalize relations with Russia through diplomacy, the sane and mature path to peace. Thus either way it goes, a vote for Hillary is a vote for human extinction. The stakes are too great to risk oblivion just to further enrich the wealth and punish the working class for being poor, and promoting class and racial warfare which is the ultimate aim for supporting Clinton.

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