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Total double standard bullshit as always from this hypocrite fake “liberal”, fake “news” outlet. There never was any Syria civil war until Obama sponsored terrorists groups to attempt to illegally overthrow Assad. Terrorist groups that have murdered the majority of civilians that have been killed, contrary to the propaganda lies stated here. Terrorists including Al Qaeda, the same terrorists responsible for 9/11. This makes the Obama regime in violation of international law for giving aid to terrorists alone, in violation of international law and the Geneva Accords for the numerous airstrikes, none of which were approved by either the UN, Congress (which is required for acts of war which this is), or the sovereign Syria government. Thus said airstrikes were also in violation of Obama’s oath to uphold the Constitution and they were also war crimes being unprovoked acts of war. And let’s not forget that Obama lost any and all moral high ground for supporting the terrorists who murdered over 3000 Americans on 9/11, something utterly despicable and treasonous to the core. Yet the fake “liberals” here apparently support lawlessness, terrorists, and war criminals. The lies about the level of horror unleashed by Syrian and Russian forces (again, mostly against terrorists NOT civilians, despite the lies here) versus American and Israeli war actions in Iraq and Gaza are reviled here in an article from Common Dreams, a REAL liberal, Progressive (and thus antiwar unlike these neocon warmongers) site.

If Obama or any American leader was serious about helping the Syrian people they would simply stop aiding the fake “rebels”, ie TERRORISTS who are the ones deliberately murdering civilians. The Russians and Syrian military are just cleaning up the terrorist mess Obama has created, any civilian casualties Russia or Syria commits is indirect and would be nonexistent had the Obama regime not started this mess. This is not to suggest that the Russians and Syrians are perfect in their approach, but their actions are clearly justified. Unlike the Americans who were never invited to intervene in Syria, and have no right or permission on any level globally to be there. Yes the situation is bad, but it can be quickly ended if the Obama regime withdraws it’s illegal support for Al Qaeda and associated terrorists. End all American actions in Syria, all of which are illegal and constant violations of international law anyway (again, this despite the implied suggestion by Thinkprogress that America is above international law and justified in doing anything they want to any nation on Earth at will). Do this and allow Syria and Russia to rout the terrorist scum before they murder more people. But saving lives has never been Obama’s goals. His actions, past and present in Syria prove this without question.