Thank God Friday Means Nothing
Ainslie Caswell

While I am in a job I really like I do most definitely look forward to the weekend and having more time to spend with my husband and daughter, and our friends. We do lots of fun things, movies, trips to local amusement parks, the mall, a chance to eat out, getting together with friends, camping out, time to read and study, learn new things and write about my life and passions. Hell even just watching some old movies with loved ones. It all beats the living hell out of work. Life is for living not working.

For many of us the weekend is a special treat. Like a mini-vacation or semi-holiday. Sorry to hear yours is so bland.

And it’s especially sad to hear those who say they have nothing to do on the weekends. Maybe get some ideas from me. I work to live, but at that point one is just living to work and to be an otherwise pointless cog in the corporate machine. Like a battery in the Matrix. Choose the Red Pill.

Trust me, when you get to the end of your life, the last thing you will say is, gee I wish I had spent more time at work. Fuck that crap! Leave the job in it’s 9–5, Monday to Friday slot (or whatever it’s supposed to be) and spend the rest of your time in quality pursuits. Otherwise your entire life will just pass you by before you know where it went. Maybe you don’t only live one, but why risk it? Grab life while you have a chance.

TGIF for real, just live it!

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