Sekindo Makes Digital Advertising Easy with All Media


The internet plays an essential role in businesses. As a result, companies are investing more and more into technologies that reduce the cost and accelerate the distribution of advertising content. Companies, entrepreneurs, and managers that are more attuned to new market trends can now guarantee the optimization and efficiency of their services, including those related to advertising.

With the emergence of these new technologies, distributing content became more practical, especially in the advertising segment. With the use of the right tools and platforms, commercial distribution for different channels such as the web, computers, and mobile devices is now faster, safer, more convenient, and more economical.

Having this in mind, and as video becomes the go-to method of media consumption on both the web and mobile, advertisers are being pushed to find a publishing platform that fits all different platforms. Sekindo surely delivers this, with its proprietary platform, that helps publishers monetize any type of digital content. With Sekindo, videos are automatically fitted for the medium’s format, and are matched to different types of video formats, everything from pre-roll to banners.

As part of Universal McCann (UM), a globally popular media and advertising agency with big clients, Sekindo has premium demand, on one hand, and the largest reach in more than 500 direct publisher relationships, on the other hand. Sekindo worked and developed its own network technology for web and mobile, as well as advanced algorithms, thus providing a solid technological infrastructure that serves all platforms across web, mobile, and video.

With this, publishers know they can place advertisements on all digital inventory, obtaining outstanding results for web and mobile clients. In addition, Sekindo is also a complete solution for programmatic advertising, with SSP (supply-side platform) and header-bidding abilities (part of prebid.js).

The company has recently expanded to a new office in New York, with hires related to this expansion bringing the employee count to over 60. With this, Sekindo hopes to strengthen its status as a major player in the industry and provide a means for closer relations with their customers.

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