5 Artists I’ll be watching in 2017

Before I start this: if you don’t know who I am, my name is Selecta Suave (DJ, sometimes producer, sometimes blogger, man do bare tings init).

As a DJ, it’s necessary that I have to go searching for new talent to bring people in on. When I play tunes and people give me that look, it’s a sick feeling, bmt.

“Faaaaaammmmmm what tune is this?? It BANGS!”

With that being said, here are some of the artists that I predict will have a big 2017, and I think you should be looking out for.

House of Pharaohs

From a shoot with Hunger Magazine

The South London collective (excluding non-musical acts: AJ Young Soul, Danny Stern, Kevin Taylor, Blaze, Mally, Sam Wise & Bandanna), dropped their first collective project: the ‘Southern Stamp EP’, in 2015 collaborating with producer Lsow to reflect an authentic South London sound.

Since then they have consistently delivered with hard-hitting, high energy singles: ‘Draws’, ‘Raid’ and most recently, ‘RWM’.

They also recently shut down Brixton JAMM with their headline show in collaboration with DJ Semtex. I attended the show, and from firsthand experience… it was MAD. The crowd was just as energetic as all of the performers, which included Vianni and 808INK. With DJ’s Semtex, DamnShaq, oneninenine and Jamo Beatz, it was definitely a night to remember.

The HOP headline show, documented by SyndicateLDN

With a new project arriving soon, the House of Pharaohs have been putting themselves on the radar and are quickly spreading their fanbase across the country and 2017 is looking to be an incredible year for the collective.

Lancey Foux

Lancey Foux

Lancey Foux, the unique, genre-bending mix of pop, trap and rock has been making waves from 2015. I first spotted the Newham native when he released a track, ‘GUNSXROSES FOREVER’ from his eclectic debut EP, ‘PINK’, which showed his potential as an artist and marked him as one to watch.

Since then, he has released bangers, such as ‘10’, ‘I Know You’, ‘About It’ and most recently, ‘Come To Life’, which have all gathered a significant amount of plays across various music streaming platforms.

Lancey has been teasing several tracks from his upcoming project, ‘Too Far Alive’, and every single time he does, it gathers an incredible amount of anticipation and attention across social platforms. With bangers like ‘Left Home’ and ‘Mountain’ waiting to be released, and building a reputation as one of London’s wildest performers, Lancey shows himself to be a force to be reckoned with and definitely one to be watched closely in the coming year.


Rayf, shot by Hendrix Nash
‘When Grime met RnB…’

is how the mysterious, stylish and eclectic singer-producer describes himself. I came across his sound in 2015 and I was taken completely by surprise. As a producer, he had sampled elements of classic grime intstrumentals, slowed them down, combining them with unique melodies I had never heard before. One standout track was ‘Girls’, which showcases his talent as a musician very clearly.

He has since changed his direction as an artist, remixing tracks such as ‘Not Nice’ and ‘Phone Down’, and offering more RnB focused tracks and experimenting with the genre, with songs like ‘Broke’ and ‘For You’.

Rayf’s ability to command elements of various genres, like dancehall, neo-soul, grime and RnB and consistently deliver quality music mark him as one to watch in 2017.

Daniel OG of Neverland Clan

Daniel first came to my attention when I saw him perform in Ace Hotel (I think?) last year. He performed the song ‘Plan’ and I was instantly a fan (lmao that rhymes😂) and he later dropped a video to the track which ended up receiving a cosign from Skepta. (Not really that surprising tbh it was a very sick tune with a cold visual to go with it)

Daniel has consistently delivered as an artist with tracks such as “I Wanna”, “Solange”, “Remedies”, featuring fellow clansman Omelet, each track reflecting Daniel’s experimental yet organic approach to music.

He’s got a mixtape coming up called ‘Preseason’, and the first single from the project, ‘411’, has gathered an incredible buzz through an exclusive performance of the track for Colors Berlin.

If you’ve now updated yourself, you will understand exactly why I’d predict Daniel OG and the Neverland Clan will have an incredible year.


Knucks is a rapper/producer hailing from North West London, a part of the No Days Off music group. I came across a recent video, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, one big reference to the classic 60s movie, while scrolling through Twitter and I ended up replaying several times.

Knucks has proved his lyrical ability and advanced musicality time and time again with releases on his SoundCloud like ‘21 Candles’, the ‘Big Kahuna Freestyle’, and his latest effort, ‘From Rome With Love’.

Knucks has ended 2016 on a very strong note with the content he has put out, and I’m sure by the time you finish reading this sentence you’ll also be convinced that he is definitely one to watch in 2017.

So that’s just five artists that I’ll be keeping my eyes on in 2017. In all truth, there are more artists than I can count on both hands that I’ll be looking out for next year, so keep an eye on my Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (SelectaSuave on all platforms) as I do often post about artists who are quickly rising through the scene and will be a problem in the near future.

Keep an eye on my SoundCloud also, where my mixes showcase the artists mentioned above and more I didn’t get to mention.


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