How Chatbots and visual recognition can help your customers buying your products?

As you may have heard, the new trend that every company should follow this year is the ChatBot. Why ? Because this intelligent robot will help you managing your customer relationship but mostly because it will help your brand to offer smart and efficient services to your customers.

In this article, we will tell you why they are such a big opportunity for your business, specially if you link it with the power of visual recognition.

More and more companies are thinking about launching their own ChatBot because customers are no longer patient and they want everything right now. If they don’t find the information they are looking for rapidly, they will switch to another brand. That is why it is crucial for brands to be present and reactive at any time.

Why using messaging platforms? It is said that around 90% of our time on mobile is spent on email and messaging platforms. This is something to seriously consider when you want to target at best your audience.

This tendency is linked to what we call the “cross-mobility-shopping”, which allows customers to buy products or services they see in their environment directly through their phone. With the internet, our generation assists an important advancement in the way people think and consume that forces brands to always adapt their offer.

Visual recognition X ChatBot : The great fit

Imagine a ChatBot on Messenger or on any other messaging platform allowing people to take and send a picture of an image they would like to buy and which replies instantly with all the info and services needed to buy it.

Also, try to remember how many hours you have spent online looking for an item that you saw in a magazine or in the street ? I am sure you don’t want to.

With the ChatBot and the visual recognition, you can forget this long and never-ending path to find the product and the info you are looking for. In fact, this service responds 24/7. It is very appreciated by consumers because it is easy to use and fun, they don’t have the impression that they are talking with a robot and it allows them to save a lot of precious time.

Big players are already on this market since Mark Zuckerberg has announced the opening of the Messenger Bot store during the F8, the Facebook’s annual developer conference in April 2016. We can note Google, Microsoft or IBM but also smaller companies as Selectionnist which can recognize all the pages of French fashion magazines, lookbooks, packagings and much more.

Endless possibilities…

Buying clothes, discovering recipes, wishlisting your grocery list… the possibilities are endless ! ChatBots with visual recognition technology allowing end-users to send a picture of a product spotted in a magazine, on a packaging, or even on an outdoor ad to get access to this kind of high value services are getting more and more traction. The ChatBot recognizes the content of the picture and automatically responds with all the info linked saving precious time to both the end-user looking for an information and the brand that used to have someone dedicated to this kind of request.

It is specially relevant for brands that still use printed materials in their communication strategy.

Let’s take the example of a local grocery shop that sends to its customers every weeks a printed leaflet that contains all the ongoing promotions and commercial events. What happens the most, is that customers who read those leaflets will probably forget to take advantage of the promotions when they go shopping in-store. Thanks to this technology, they can save the promotion coupons in their phone to save time when they will go shopping or they can shop directly online.

Another example ? Inside the grocery shop or in front of our fridge, we all have the same reaction: looking for the nutritional values that are often completely unreadable or thinking about the recipes that we can do with the products we would like to buy. Now brands have a solution to answer directly the end-user through the ChatBot and by snapping the packaging of the product, the consumer and the brand will save precious time…

Possibilities are endless and it’s just the beginning…

Example of the Selectionnist ChatBot

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