Get Results Club on Facebook User Agreement

1. This Community has been established by Get Results Club™ (a project of Applied Prosperity, LLC). This agreement is subject to change with notice via posting within this Community. Get Results Club (GRC) reserves the right to refuse or deny service to any User in its sole discretion for any or no reason.

Note: Staff, contractors, volunteers, and coordinators of Get Results Club/Applied Prosperity, LLC may access this and other Get Results Clube forums, communities, and/or other online sessions at any time.

2. User agrees to follow Code of Conduct.


  1. Be nice.
  2. Seek to create value for others.
  3. Please do not use this venue for your sales pitch or a billboard for selling products or services (except on Share & Promote threads as labeled by an Administer. See User Agreement for more on this topic).

In addition:

3a. Posting within this Group for a sales pitch, offer, or promotion or a billboard for selling products or service — outside of designated posts — will be considered spam. The post with be deleted and the poster will be banned and blocked from the group. (Consider that if it feels like a personal promotion, or you think others might view it that way, then it’s likely to be considered a persona promotion. If in doubt, please ask an Administrator BEFORE posting. Posting about others is fine if in line with Code Of Conduct section 3b., below).

3b. Do not message other Community members if they haven’t first addressed you in the group; and do not communicate sales pitches or spam in private messages.

— —

2. This Community is private: Users may invite others into the Community; approval will be made or denied by group administrators.

While the Community is private, information posted by users may not be secure; user is responsible for content they choose to share or discuss and is aware that others may view, share, use, add-on, or do whatever they may with such content (as seems the nature of social media).

3. Users agree to be cordial to one another (even in disagreement). Comments perceived as abusive will be deleted; continued perceived abuse will result in expulsion from the group.

4. Get Results Club and Applied Prosperity, LLC, their staff, agents, or volunteers may remove membership to this group at any time for any or no reason.

5. PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Get Results Club and/or Applied Prosperity, LLC is NOT responsible for the results of User’s experience at this Group. Any statements made by Applied Prosperity, LLC or its agent(s) is for informational and/or entertainment purposes only. User agrees to use common sense, ensure an understanding of any and all risks involved in conducting user’s business or user’s living. By retaining membership and/or by engaging in reading, viewing, listening, or otherwise consuming information from this Community, User agrees to be liable for User and User’s own actions or reactions; User agrees that Applied Prosperity, LLC or its agents, affiliates, clients, guests, employees, contractors, friends, or partners hold zero liability.

6. Some content presented upon this group page may be subject to copyright and thereby laws pertaining to copyright. User agrees to respect all copyrighted materials.


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