Meet the Electrick — a conductive spray that makes a touch sensor out of anything

Smart Guitar with Electrick

Are you enjoying touchscreens on your smartphone or tablet? I am. Because it feels more natural than old-fashioned buttons pushing interfaces. Now imagine, you can make a touch surface on your car’s steering wheel or turn your electric guitar into smart-ish guitar in dozens of minutes.

A research team from Carnegie University has just created this new and low-cost input technology. The applications of it are virtually limitless. Whether you are a gamepad designer prototyping a new gizmo for VR gaming or you are an educator teaching the brain structure, it’s possible to invent and combine things and ideas immediately. The DIY culture will definitely appreciate this invention also.

The programming process is quite effortless. First, you need to spray the paint on a surface, then connect the electrodes on the edges and then just train it with the piece of soft. Voilà! Now you have a working touch sensor.

This works on uneven surfaces as well.

It’s not perfect yet, there is no multitouch support yet and the friction can erase it with time. In any case, it’s so genius that it’s worth it to try out.

Here is the video showing how everything works:

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