Choosing the hard way…

Humans are getting boring and dull.
To me it seems like too many people choose the easy and save path and don’t even notice that there’s also a more difficult and much more interesting one. Most people make desicions based on what others do and what has been done before, because this increases the chance of not failing. But failing is important, failing is what makes us human and special. If we don’t fail we won’t ever be able to change.
So why would you always choose the easy way, before even thinking about what could happen if the harder way would end with success?
Of course it’s frightening if you know that you could fail or if you know that you are the first person to try something. Still, those difficult paths can teach us so much and make us really feel a alive. That’s worth a lot more than simplicity. The best ideas people had, definitely didn’t come to their mind by doing the same things as everybody else... So... If you never try, you’ll never know...
(- "Fix You" by Coldplay, a good line to keep in mind...)

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