Gratitude in Business

Yes, there is a place for it

Gratitude can benefit a business both internally and externally and you don’t need to spend a penny. It’s also pretty good in your personal life!

“Watch your p’s & q’s”

A ‘thank you’ in whatever form can go a pretty long way; whether it be through an appreciative gesture or just the simple expression. I’ve worked in departments where a simple thank you to a customer has gone a miss and impacted the whole experience for a new customer, I’ve also been that customer.

Me and my sister are all about the thank you’s and pleases, although probably need to do more between us. We generally speak in instructional language when working which is actually a great advantage, she often turns around and says “No shilu, that’s not working” or I give her ‘the look’ and without even asking she knows whether to move forward with something or not. I just shouted at her now “ Can you make the changes live (change the site)” to which she shouted back “ Can you do some shopping (get more content)”. It has helped us move pretty quickly.

We were raised to be thankful and appreciative despite the above example and it’s part of our religion, for instance every time we sit down for dinner and we are a sit down at the table sort of family, my father would express his pure gratitude to my mother “isn’t your mum the best cook in the world”, “ no one can compete with her” and “ if she had a restaurant this would be amazing” my mum would usually cut this off by asking him to eat “the great food” followed by us In recent years responding with “Alhamdulilah” (Islamic expression of Gratitude) p.s my mum is actually a pretty epic cook.

Ironically enough our parents originate from rural villages in Calcutta (Kolkatta to some, don’t even get me started) where saying thank you is actually pretty weird! I remember on holidays there whilst learning the language Bengali, me and my sisters would ask for the translation of thank you and whenever we used it, it would appear as if we’d just spoken the queens English, curtsied and rolled out an awkward unneeded red carpet. We still continue though because people should know they helped or contributed to your life even if for a moment.

One of my ultimate tips from when things are getting a bit ‘challenging’ in life is to sit down and write a gratitude list, I guess a thank you list, just get notes out on your phone and write. I’ll share my first this evening.

  • Alhamdulillah (All praise to Allah) for my coat, I love my coat especially as the winter has hit.

I’ve worked in a soup kitchen where I’ve seen men and women come in asking for socks, coats and hats, items we probably buy numerous times throughout winter and we take for granted.

Be thankful it could be a lot worse and show your gratitude in and out of business.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

Simply Selina

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