Patience is a word that I have been hearing about time and time again recently. It is a word that people have trouble with. Especially, people who are go-getters and who have specific outcomes in mind. Whether that’s working on your health, dealing with others or when searching for the right home for you and your family, patience is key to getting your desired outcome. I bring this up because lately, the buyers looking for a home in Queens (or most of the country) find themselves taking longer to purchase a property. This can be a frustrating experience for them and frankly for their agent who is working tirelessly scouring the MLS As well as off-market properties. Prices are still high which provide one type of delay and the inventory that is available is not always on par with what buyers are looking for. This frustration, without a proper mindset, can turn to feeling hopeless in your home search. We are here to tell you that the key is patience. As long as you are aligned with Real Estate Agent who is working hard to find you the right home, the house that is meant to be your home will be found in due time. Stop feeling hopeless! You are not alone in this lengthy home searching process. With all that said, don’t make the mistake of taking your time and being patient when you do find the home that you and your family desire. If it makes financial sense and it meets most if not all of your criteria, then it’s time to consult your agent and make an appropriate offer.

Good Luck!