The Price a Fraudster Pays for Your Stolen Credit Card

Every quarter, SELLSecure makes an index of prices for “stolen goods” sold on the dark web.

As an eCommerce owner, you’re especially vulnerable to encountering fraudulent transactions because of the dark web.

You can see that you’re able to get a hacked Google or Facebook account for $5 or less.

With $16, you can have someone’s full credit card information and you’re able to start using it whenever you want to buy anything you want online.

To top it off, for $60, you can purchase a “verified” PayPal account that comes with a $500 balance in it for you to use.

Becoming a fraudster has never been so easy…and this is a problem. The probability of having chargebacks is at its zenith for eCommerce businesses. You must have the right fraud prevention tools to help you identify these type of charges.

This blog post has been originally posted on SELLSecure’s blog