And there’s something about holding a card in your hand, reading what someone wrote on there in their own hand, not what someone suggested they write. Knowing someone cared enough to pick out the card, and then take it to the post office and mail it to you.
This is Why I Miss How Things Used to Be
Anne Peterson

There is something about holding a card; something about reading the words they choose to put in order for us. Something about thinking about them going to the store and picking THAT card; addressing it and taking it to the post office for us.

And us – receiving it!

Oh yes I miss all that. We don’t have to let that practice die. I too have tins of cards that have lifted me up through the years. I don’t think I’ll ever discard them. I love those memories. Thanks for touching on this. Some of us remember.

We’re still here. Let’s ‘show’ the younger ones by making it a point to open our kitchens to friends. If we do it often enough one day they’ll notice. Let’s hope. Thanks for this Anne.

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