Suit Share streamlines the process of buying and selling men’s formal wear online.

Hey Guys!

My friends and I are all full-time software developers and huge tech junkies. What we’ve noticed over the years is that sitting in front of a computer all day certainly comes with the benefit of rarely having to put in the effort to dress up, but also the subsequent ensuing cluelessness when you actually want to look sharp. There are more options now than there ever have been to buy used clothing online, but it’s difficult to find a site where you can confidently search for dress clothing, whether that be a suit, tie, or dress shoes. What we have found currently is sites have either a small selection of dress clothing or it’s difficult to search through those items because the service isn’t setup for them. In a similar vein, selling is difficult because there are few sites optimized for men’s formal wear meaning your listing may not reach your target demographic, may be listed among other unrelated items, or may be difficult for buyers to search for.

So we came up with Suit Share, a marketplace that allows you guys to buy and sell suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, pants, ties, and shoes from one another, while simplifying and streamlining the experience. Our vision is to encourage the submission of detailed listings so that buyers have access to a wide variety of items while still being able to pinpoint their search to exactly what they’re looking for. On the other hand, sellers can confidently spend the time to list an item knowing that they’re selling it in the correct marketplace.

We have robust escrow procedures in place so buyers and sellers are always on the same page. For example, when you buy an item, the seller is required to provide a valid shipping provider and tracking number so that you know where your item is at all times and when it will be arriving. We have designed this system to eliminate many of the obstacles typically faced in an online, peer-to-peer marketplace. Users are also protected so that if you don’t get what you were promised you can use our conflict resolution system to sort it out. Everything on Suit Share is searchable by size, fit, and trim, and we make sure this information is prominent on every listing so you can be more confident in how an item will fit. Suit Share members can also rate each other, as well as send messages before purchasing anything. Overall, we have taken great care to address a great many little nuances that arise in this sort of marketplace.

We really believe in the potential of this service and we hope you guys will see value in it too. We come from a diverse range of technical and product development backgrounds and are extremely excited to continue to develop this service. Granted, the website is still new, and there are probably a few things we can tweak to better serve you. We will be continually improving the service and if you guys have any suggestions we would be happy to hear them. The future of Suit Share may see on-demand tailoring, a sharing economy, rentals, virtual fittings, and more. There really isn’t a limit to what we can do here, but it all starts with you guys.

This is the beginning of our story. Given that we’ve just launched, quality listings are certainly a huge priority to get this going. We know that a lot of guys have extra dress clothing, so consider submitting a listing! If you ever enjoyed wearing your suit we’re sure someone else out there will too. If you haven’t considered selling online then this is a great place to start.

Martin is Lead Project Manager at Selotec. You should follow him on Twitter.