What is the Heuristic Interface?

A General Theory of Mammoth Meat, Fast Food, and Erectile Dysfunction, Part I

Surely, it’s the shit between the rock and the current that interests us most.


The Heuristic Interface is an amplifier, an interpolator, a mechanism that straddles the nebulous boundary between our ancestors’ (and our own) relatively stationary evolved predispositions and the oft-unexpected modern behaviors that emerge as a result of the co-evolutionary dance between contemporary social, cultural and economic landscapes at scale.

Animal Adaptation: Have you ever noticed crows, perched along the telephone wires of a busy intersection, tossing walnuts down below? Timely, the small, oaken shells crack wide open beneath a rolling retinue of steel-bound, ash-black behemoths. Iron, rubber, and branches.

Erectile Dysfunction: How many unique views can you claim for your lifetime RedTube browsing history? How many can your grandfather? Whose Nucleus accumbens burns brighter, hurts more?

The Obesity Epidemic: Why do the homeless prefer fast food burgers to soup-kitchen soup? And yet, the middle class suffer more from diabetes…

Hypergamy, Tinder, and Ghosting Culture? Compare: Australopithecus, Lucy; Kardashian, Kim.

What else? Celebrities, Sports, The Neolithic Revolution, The Singularity?