Rev. Dr. Kwabena Darko, heads one of Ghana’s most successful private enterprises, Darko Farms & Co. Ltd. He is the principal shareholder of the family enterprise, which produces more than 50 percent of Ghana’s day-old-chicks, and a large proportion of its table eggs and dressed chicken.

His Early Years and Education

Rev. Dr. Kwabena Darko was born at Bekwai in the Ashanti Region. He lost his father at a very young age and had to engage in petty trading to help the family. Due to the financial troubles his family was in he has to educate himself on a part time basis in order to have more time for his trading activities.

Kwabena’s mother remarried a small poultry farm owner and this made it possible for Kwabena to learn some things about poultry farming. Kwabena helped his stepfather on his poultry farm and thereby acquiring the skills of poultry farming.

Kwabena got a scholarship and went on to study agriculture in Israel where he specialised in poultry science due to his his previous encounter with poultry farming.

His Professional Life

After completing his studies in Israel he returned to Ghana to work with the Ghana State Farms Corporation. He could not stay at his new place of work for long and decided to resign after only six months on the job. His stepfather was then into commercial poultry farming so Kwabena joined him to help with the day to day activities on the poultry farm. After he joined his stepfather’s commercial poultry farming business, the farm expanded from 5,000 birds to 100,000 birds for egg laying within two years. Realizing the enormous potential that existed for commercial poultry farming, Kwabena set out to form his own commercial poultry farming business with savings of US $1,000. He bought 900 chickens, a 3-piece acre of land for US $50 and in April 1966 Darko Farms & Company was founded..

Darko Farms and Company now consists of; a hatchery which produces about 5 million day-old-chicks a year (about 50% of the nations requirements), a layer parent farm with a bird population of about 40,000, 2 commercial layer farms with a bird population of 110,000, a broiler commercial farm with a bird population of about 110,000, a pullet rearing farm with a capacity for 70,000 pullets, a feed mill with an installed capacity of 40 tons of feed per day, a processing plant with an installed capacity of 7,500 birds per day and branch offices and sales outlets across the country.

His Awards and Recognition

Rev. Dr. Kwabena Darko has received a lot of awards and recognition both in Ghana and the world over. Some of his awards and recognition are as follows:

Grand Medal “Order of the Volta” National Award for his Contributions to Agriculture — 1978

Honorary Certificate for Selfless Devotion to Charity by Christian Voluntary Society — 1978

Award by Ghana Animal Science Association for Outstanding Contribution to the Association — 1982

Best Farmer Award, Royal Agriculture Show, London — 1984

Honorary Member, Ghana Science Association — 1985

National Best Poultry Farmer — 1986

Meritorious Award for Contribution to Charity by the Ghana National Trust Fund — 1990

Certificate of Honor for Voluntary Service and Contribution to Charity by the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development — 1990

The First General Superintendent Certificate of Honor Assemblies of God Ghana — 1990

Certificate of Honor for Outstanding Contribution to the Ghana Feed Millers Association — 1992

Junior Achievement of Ghana Business Hall of Fame — 1992

Ordained as a Minister of religion — 2000

Honorary Doctorate of Science Degree by KNUST — 2002

Honorary Doctorate of Divinity by Global Missions and Bible College, London — 2002

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