Create. Create. Create. No matter what you do just create.

I am not a creative person by any means, nor am I an average “writer”. With all the different art forms when looking at creativity I can assure you that I do indeed suck in all of them. But this is not going to stop me from giving it a go.

From a young age I have been discouraged from trying something new, I would always be teased by my older siblings on my dismal failure in trying to sketch, draw or design whatever came to mind. I guess you can say that I am a type of person that goes into my little cave, instead of just trying again or dealing with what’s right in front of me. This has created many scares, much like me not wanting to deal with <insert issue here>, but we can talk about that again.

So this is my attempt at trying to expand and learn more about myself. Am I trying to become a writer through this? No not at all. Designer or artist? Nope. Though I do enjoy and appreciate different art forms, I will leave that up to the professionals. Except for modern art, that makes no sense to me what so ever. Bring it back in Selwyn — Brain.

I have decided to give this, whatever it may be, a go. I do not have an end goal nor do I have an exit plan. All I want to do is challenge myself and expand as I learn a new skill(s) and along the way challenge others as well.

I have shied away from taking this step for a very long time. It’s safe to say I didn’t want to look like an idiot for making a mistake or doing something that looks and feels so wrong compared to what’s available out there. Needless to say not many of it is good at all. I do not like conforming, nor do I always voice my opinion, I just look at the “crowd” and walk on my merry way.

As I said I have no idea where this is heading nor do I have a plan. All I know is that I’m going to give it my all on this little adventure.

You have been blabbering on and on but this has nothing to do with the title — Brain.

“Quality trumps quantity” this is true, but before we can produce quality we need to just start producing. And keep producing until it becomes quality. Until we get “it” right.

This is something that I have learned from Yann Girard (a fellow blogger and writer on Medium but also and entrepreneur) and YouTube sensation Casey Neistat. Both of them have the same idea and concept to them that I haven’t really seen before; that’s keep posting/uploading your content.

To whom ever may be reading this just remember what ever you do, just keep creating.

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