A Thousand Words…A Thousand Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words. We tend to look for quotes, memes, and pictures to post on social media in order to portray our feelings. As I look back at the numerous media sites used by society today, I believe Instagram stands out. I say this because Instagram is the only media site where we can resort to pictures to explain our feelings. Although all media sites allow you to post pictures the main objective for Instagram is to use pictures to express yourself. I’ve personally been a user of most social media sites if not all, however I now only use Instagram. The main reason for this is simply because of the purpose, the age group, and the content of Instagram users. Overall Instagram is a place users can truly express themselves without have to explain their feelings. Although other social media sites have more users than Instagram, Instagram is the most used social media site for young adults.

Instagram is possibly the easiest social media site to use, mainly because you only post pictures. You could post pictures of anything; your likes, dislikes, insecurities, and loves without ever having to write a word. The hardest thing we face as young adults today is expressing ourselves in a society that focuses on judging us. When we write statuses and comment on things through social media, other users tend to constantly judge our words. This is why so many people use Instagram today; there are no words, only pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words; one picture can grasp someone’s entire struggle or passion. For example, it’s no secret teens today face struggles with harming themselves. I’ve seen numerous individuals post pictures of themselves ‘cutting’, however it is so much easier to express their struggles through a picture rather than to write how they feel. One picture can allow other users to realize how this person is hurting, instead of the individual trying to collect their thoughts and put them into words. Another main reason Instagram is very popular it is because no one expects you to type your feelings. I sometimes post pictures on Instagram to convey how I’m feeling and right nothing at all. For example, the picture below was posted during finals week. Every college student knows how stressful finals week is, I was personally over all the exams however, this one picture gave me hope. It pretty much sums up that although grades are important to get into any medical school not everyone is a perfect student, but that shouldn’t stop you achieving you dreams. Although the picture had no caption, my followers we’re able to understand how I feel. All users of Instagram look for pictures not words it’s the reason why they sign up. Instagram allows its users to be themselves without having them to explain why.

Before Instagram there was Facebook. As of today over majority of individuals have Facebook or have used the social media site. As a young adult who used Facebook for over 5 years and recently deactivated it, I can say the main reason most young adults no longer use the site is due to the type of users. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been through the moment when an older family member asked to add them on Facebook, although we love them the last thing we want is for them to see what we’re posting. Forced to accept their friend request, we must start blocking them from seeing what we post or refrain from posting things they might find inappropriate. Before Instagram we had no other social media to run to, however now Instagram is home to most young adults. Older individuals tend to not see the point of Instagram because all you do is post pictures. This keeps them off of Instagram and allows a new place for young adults to continue being themselves without having to worry. In Watt’s article “A Teenager’s View on Social Media” he states, “Instagram hasn’t been flooded with the older generation yet (not everyone has an Instagram) meaning it’s “hip” and “cool” to the younger crowd” younger users as myself appreciate the fact that Instagram is a older generation free zone (Watts). Being that Instagram is a place for the younger generation it’s easy for us to control what we want to see and most importantly who sees us.

Everyone HATES seeing their wall covered in pictures of the same thing or better yet the same person! Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t allow you to make albums in order to organize your pictures. All your pictures are uploaded individually and posted directly to your page and then publicly to your wall. All your followers’ pictures are on your home page wall and you must go through them one by one. Instagram is structured this way in my opinion, because it allows its users to really consider what they post. On Facebook we post anything the good, the bad, the entire camera memory honestly, but with Instagram since it’s a social media site purposely directed to express yourself through users spend more time choosing which pictures they want to display. Most users post one to three times a day and it’s mainly due to the fact that Instagram allows you to customize your pictures and videos with filters, resolutions, and colors. This all means your followers expect as Watt’s states in his essay “high quality content”. Personally I take about 10 minutes to officially post a picture on Instagram, mainly because I want it to have the right filter and angle, not forgetting a good caption and emoji to follow. Unlike Facebook, Instagram allows everyone to be photographers instead of psychologists.

I would never go back to using Facebook and I probably would never have another social media site except for Instagram. Overall Instagram probably takes over half of my day. Between posting pictures and constantly checking my wall, I honestly have no time for another social media site. Instagram allows me to connect with past friend, family, and even current people in my life. Whether it’s posting a selfie or a meme because Instagram’s purpose is posting pictures users pay more attention to your content.

Pictures have the ability to capture every waking moment of an individual’s life. Each picture, regardless of who or when it was posted, tells a story. I want to be able to log in to Instagram a few years from now and go back to my earliest photos and trace every memory I have made and how much I have learned and grown. Always remember a picture is worth a THOUSAND words.


Watts, Andrew. “A Teenager’s View on Social Media.” Web log post. Medium. N.p., 03 Jan. 2015. Web. 10 Feb. 2015.

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