The Social Media Apocalypse

When you think about social media so many different words and phrases come to mind. For instance angels, bitches, forever alone, no friends, and we met through social media, are just a few that pop into my mind. Imagine a world without Facebook. Let us put on our thinking caps and transport ourselves to a society where we weren’t handed daily tasks on a silver platter. Starting off with homework something everyone loves, when we don’t understand something where do we find help? Social media. So, what if there was no social media? The textbook and tutoring would be our best friends. What about friends? We all need people in our life whether we want to believe it or not. With social media, we have cyber friends; however without it we would be forced to actually interact with people…scary. Lastly, lets us all think about dating. Imagine actually having to go out into the real world and meet someone, then on top of that trying to find out if you guys are even a match! Thank god for Tinder doing it for us, right? WRONG! Social media is causing us to become the lazy little humans we are at a faster pace. We rely so heavily on social media today that the simple tasks that we have been known to do become the formation of social media sites. We need to stop resorting to social media to help us with daily tasks and become the social and non-dependent individuals we once were.

Lets talk about the angels and bitches of the educational world. Angels are the people who take the time out to actually do their work without trying to find the easy way out. But then…there are the BITCHES. The bitches are the individuals in class who don’t want to learn anything; rather they want to exchange answers to get the highest grade possible, in other words “teamwork”. Social media has caused this form of teamwork to become possible. Without social media most students venture out to find tutors or better yet put the 200-dollar textbook they bought into good use. You would be surprised how many students actually turn to social media in order to get a good grade. Lets take one of my friends for example; she goes to CUNY, as we may know having over 500 students in a psychology lecture class isn’t easy. Her professor, being the kind man that he is, decided that all the test and quizzes would be online. The students then got the smart idea (which I say sarcastically) to create a Facebook group. The title of this marvelous group of students was called “Hunter Psychology Bitches”. Roughly 450 students were apart of this creative Facebook group, sharing answers for every assignment the bitches were passing the class with flying color! They almost got away with it too but guess who found out? THE PROFESSOR! Silly students Facebook groups show up as pages you may like! The Professor found out when finals week was peeking around the corner and got the name of each of the little bitch that was apart of the group. Walking into class the next day every bitch had the same look on their face. Can you just imagine walking into class and seeing this on the projector screen?

Since they wanted to be bitches they ended up having to take the final in class instead of online. If these students didn’t try to find the easy way out and worked individually on their tests and quizzes, which they were suppose to be doing, they never would have run into any trouble. #cheatersneverprosper. Not only does this prove that college students today run to social media when they need help, it also proves that we are willing to risk our grades if it means getting help through social media. This is just one of the many downsides of social media. We try to believe we could use media sites such as Facebook in order to make us better when in reality it is bringing us down.

How many friends do you have on social media? 300? 500? 1000? Now, how many friends do you have in real life? 0? 1? I’m pretty sure it isn’t the 500 friends you have on social media. Social media is a cyber universe where everyone has his or her own personality, friends, and overall life in comparison to the real world. Before social media came to be how did you spend your free time? Let me answer for you, you were either with family or hanging out with friends. Now instead of boosting our social skills, social media is causing us to be little turtles in a shell. We are so busy staring at our phones all day that we don’t take the time out to actually interact with others.

The people who are Instagram famous or Facebook famous in the cyber world are in real life the individuals sitting in the corner of the library with no one to hang out with during common hour. According to Matthew Lieberman, “social networks are a way to share, and the experience of successful sharing comes with a psychological and physiological rush that is often self-reinforcing. The prevalence of social media has, as a result, fundamentally changed the way we read and watch: we think about how we’ll share something, and whom we’ll share it with, as we consume it”(Lieberman). We are so excited to share something on social media with strangers instead of telling friends and engaging in a real life conversation. Social media has the word social in it however, it allows us to be social on media sites instead of in reality where we need it. If social media didn’t exist then individuals wouldn’t be so attached to their phone.

All of us have gone from being SpongeBob SquarePants to being Squidward all because of social media. By this I mean, there was a point in our life when we wanted to make friends and interact with people but, because of social media we have turned into individuals who really don’t care to be around others. Social media in all has caused us to become attached to our cyber life resulting in not caring whom we socialize with in our real lives.

Lastly, let us all look at our dating lives. Before social media existed how did people meet? We refer to this as the “old fashion way”, people would get introduced by friends or most of the times it was if you saw someone you liked you would have to build up enough courage to go up to them. If you didn’t make your move right that second you risk the chance of the never seeing the love of your life again. In my opinion this is when relationships grew from true love. For example, my grandparent met the “old fashion way”.

My Grandparents

My grandfather saw my grandmother walking down the street; he followed her all the way home and convinced her to tell him her name. Since he knew where she lived he would bring her a single flower everyday and here they are 50 years later still madly in love. That’s the difference about the love aspect of social media. Before you had one chance to be with someone or you risk never seeing him or her again. Now, if you see someone walking down the street you don’t even make the effort to introduce yourself, rather you open your Facebook or Instagram app and desperately search for him or her. This brings me to Tinder. Tinder is a dating social media site where individuals state their likes and dislikes, information about themselves, and a limit search. Lets think about this know, lets say you make your search limit to 5 miles and you share information about yourself such as the places you like to go, and the things you like to do. You receive about ten matches and realize you have seen these people before and actually think you guys might hit it off. My question is why did you have to resort to social media? Since your telling this site about yourself what’s stopping you from meeting the people that you were matched up with? Simple, you’re so busy trying to find your special someone through social media that you don’t realize their sitting right in front of you.

We have come a long way from old fashion dating that because of sites like Tinder we no longer feel the need to go out and interact and hit it off with someone. But lets think about it this way…just like how I love hearing the story of how my grandparents fell in love yours will to. Now, which sounds better “I followed her home until she told me her name and every single day until we got married I would bring her flowers” or “I swiped right when I saw her picture and dropped a messages in her inbox”. Personally, I would appreciate the first one more. If we went back to the old fashion way of dating we could all have little cute stories to share when we get asked the question “How did you guys meet”?

Now let us think, is the person I described above any way similar to yourself? Is social media taking over your life? Our daily tasks are becoming the building blocks of how social media sites function today. For instance, Facebook groups are created for classes in order for students to share answers. Knowing that they could later on just ask for the questions, it gives the notion that there’s no reason to actually study and pay attention. Being caught up social media and your cyber life also makes your forget that you have a real one. With our eyes always glued to our phones we tend to forget that real people actually exist. Instead of promoting social skill in reality we become to social on media sites causing us to have 200 followers and 2 friends. I don’t know about you guys but I want the love story that starts off “the moment I saw her walk by me” instead of “the moment I sent her a friend request”. Social media has one job, to connect people from all around the world, instead our school, social, and dating lives now depend on its existence. Be careful all of us are slowly becoming lazy little humans whose entire life will begin to depend upon social media.

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