Leaping the Fashion Chasm
Evelyn Zoubi

The pony to make the leap

Solving issues 2–4 definitely fall within our expertise at Semantics3. We help hundreds of retailers overcome these exact same obstacles of indexing product data, data accuracy/freshness, and helping retailers sync their offline and online inventory.

The number of sites that Semantics3 has indexed is approaching 1,000 (U.S and International), and that data is being used by businesses, delivered programmatically via our suite of APIs.

Lastly, freshness of data is not an issue, as most of the data is refreshed within 24–72 hours. If that’s not sufficient, our RealTime API will fetch the data, i.e., inventory and pricing,… in real time.

Check us out at www.semantics3.com and learn more at our blog, Datascience @ Semantics3: https://medium.com/@semantics3

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